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Mayor and City Council

The Mayor and City Council are each elected for four year terms in odd-numbered years.  Each position's term begins on January 1st of the year following the election.

While serving their term, Councilmembers are appointed to various boards which require a City representative.  The Mayor makes these appointments annually.  For 2020, the appointments are as follows:
1.      Advisory Appointments Committee - Sean Connell
2.      Capital Improvements Planning Committee - Sean Connell, Bill Schemers, Cyara Peterson
3.      Clinton County Development Association (CCDA) Board – Sean Connell
4.      C.V.B. Board Liaison – Cyara Peterson, Bill Schemers
5.      Deer Management Committee – Sean Connell
6.      Finance Committee – Chair:  Sean Connell, Cyara Peterson, Ron Mussmann, Alternate:  Julie Allesee
7.      Grant Committee – Julie Allesee
8.      Government Affairs Committee Liaison – Bill Schemers
9.      Highway 30 Coalition of Eastern Iowa – Mayor, Bill Schemers
10.  Historic Preservation Commission Liaison – Gregg Obren
11.  Humane Society Liaison – Rhonda Kearns
12.  Lyons Business & Technology Park Liaison – Rhonda Kearns
13.  Mayor Pro-Tempore – Sean Connell
14.  Mayor’s Youth Commission – Gregg Obren
15.  Monument Committee – Ron Mussmann, Gregg Obren
16.  Neighborhood Improvement Committee – Cyara Peterson
17.  Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Liaison – Julie Allesee
18.  Regional Planning Affiliation (RPA) – Jason Craft, Matt Brooke, Mayor, Ron Mussmann, Rhonda Kearns, Gregg Obren
19.  Solid Waste Agency Representative – Bill Schemers
20.  Trails Advisory Committee – Gregg Obren