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The Mayor’s Youth Commission was established to be composed of students between the grades of 7th grade and the 1st year of college, inclusive, who reside within the city limits of Clinton, with 3 year terms commencing on September 1 each year and members not serving more than 2 terms with any vacancies to be filled for the balance of any unexpired term. Applications for membership shall be processed through the Mayor’s office in the same manner as applications for all other boards and commissions and subsequently appointed by the Mayor;

Each year in April, the Commission shall elect from its membership a chairperson, vice chairperson and a secretary to serve as such beginning in September of each year for the succeeding 12 months, with minutes being kept and all resolutions and minutes available for public inspection;

The commission shall be an advisory body to the City Council making recommendations on matters that may be referred to them by the City Council, and may make recommendations to the City Council on matters that are of interest to the youth of the community;

 The following modifications were made to the organization of the Mayor’s Youth Commission in 2015 to afford more opportunity for the youth of the community to become involved in city government processes and to continue to forward the mission of the commission to be involved in our Clinton community:

  •  Create two (2) Divisions of      membership – one for middle school students (grades 6, 7, & 8) and one      for high school students (grades 9, 10, 11, & 12).
  • Modify the number of      appointments for each Division to eleven (11), being cognizant of gender      equity requirements.
  • Modify the age requirements to be 6th grade through 12th grade inclusive.