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The Capital Improvements Planning Committee is established to review and prioritize major capital projects of the City of Clinton.

 Membership of the Capital Improvements Planning Committee shall be is comprised of 9 persons recruited from the following organizations:

  •  Clinton Community School District Board Member-     1 Member
  • Supervisor from the Clinton County Board of Supervisors-        1 Member
  • City of Clinton Plan Commission-        2 Members
  • City Council of the City of Clinton-      3 Members
  • Citizen of the City of Clinton-               2 Members

The term of each member’s service shall be for a period consistent with the term of their elected position or office, or for four (4) years, whichever is shorter.

 The Capital Improvements Planning Committee shall have the following powers and duties: 

  •  To recommend capital projects as part of the City’s comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan;
  •  To receive and consider information from City staff regarding proposed capital projects;
  •  To develop, review, and/or revise, by January 15 of each year, a six-year Capital Improvement Plan for the City Council’s consideration and approval.

Staff support for the Capital Improvement Planning Committee shall be provided by the City Administrator, City Finance Director, and City Engineer, and such other personnel as the City Administrator may direct.