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Questions on New Single-Stream Recycling Program


   Questions on the new Single-Stream Recycling Curbside Recycling Program. 
Here are some of the most common questions and answers that you might have about the new curbside recycling program that will be starting in the City of Clinton on October 2, 2017.  

    1. What size is the new recycling cart?   - The new cart is a 95-gallon cart. (Height - 43.12 inches, Width - 26.61 inches, and Depth 33.33 inches) 

    2. What color is the new recycling cart?  - It is blue. 

    3. Is collection of recycling every week? - No, the collection is every other week. 

    4. How will I know what day is my collection?  - Recycling routes will be divided between Week A and Week B.                                 View the updated recycling and solid waste route map. (Please note some changes have occurred on routes!) 

    5. Where can I find the calendar for my collection week?  - Remember Week A is Red and Week B is Blue! View the calendar

    6. How do I know what I can recycle? - Information will be delivered with your cart. You can also view the information here.
    7. When is my cart going to be delivered?  - Carts will be delivered mid-September 2017. Dates will be released in the near future. 

    8. Will there be information on the cart lid?  - Yes, there will be information on the lid! You can know what to recycle by looking at the lid.  

    9. Is the new curbside recycling program going to cost more money per month? - No, there will be no additional charge for services. It is the plan to reduce the amount of solid waste and recycling collection fees in the future when our residents recycle more in the City of Clinton. 

   10. How is the new recycling cart collected? - It is collected with an automated collection truck, which is just like the current solid waste collection trucks. 

   11. How much space do I need between my recycling cart and other carts for collection? - At least 3 ft. space between or by any other objects, to ensure safe collection. 

   12. What happens if something is recycled that should not be?  - An "Oops" card will be left with your cart. We want to make sure that we get the right items in the cart to deliver to the recycling center. Our staff will work with our residents to ensure the best recycling program possible. 

   13. How does the city staff know my cart has non-recyclables in it?  - The recycling truck has a camera in the hopper area where the recycling drops in. This allows staff to see if there are items that should not be recycled. 

   14. Will the new program promote more recycling? - Yes, the recycling program will allow residents to recycle more materials, then the current black bucket recycling program. On average, each household is going to recycle 400-500 lbs. per year. 

   15.  What do we do with the old black recycling buckets?  - You can either keep the buckets or recycle them in your blue recycling cart. Please remove the metal handles. 

   16. Can lids be recycled?  - Yes, lids can go into the recycling cart. Please leave them loose in the cart. 
   17. Do the labels have to come off cans and glass jars? - No, you can leave the labels on all containers.  

   18. How will the delivery of my new recycling cart work?  - The City of Clinton is working with Rehrig Pacific, a cart manufacturing company that produces the carts. Each cart will be delivered to the edge of your property, in the front of your house.  The cart will be delivered to the front of your home to get the address matched with your cart. information will be included with your cart on what to recycle, map, calendar, and a friendly reminder of all the solid waste information.  

    19. Where will my recycling cart get collected at? -   All carts are to be placed where you currently have solid waste and recycling collection at. If you have collection in the alley, please put your cart out in the alley area. 

    20. Is my cart tracked in a computer system? - Yes, your cart will be tracked in a computer system that allows for staff from our office at City Hall to our solid waste staff on the street collecting your recycling, to know where your cart belongs.  This will ensure proper service, maintenance, and customer service to all of our residents. 

    21. Does my cart stay with my address when I move?  - Yes, your cart is tracked to your address of your home. If you move, we the cart is to be left at your home address. (Same goes with your solid waste and yard waste carts!)