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Recreation Game and Miscellaneous Rentals

Recreation Game 
(Equipment listed below requires a $10 deposit)

 Cribbage Big Bowling  Grass Volleyball (net & ball) 
Backgammon  Little Bowling  Big Foam Balls 
Checkers  Big Ring Toss  Basketballs 
Chess  Little Ring Toss  Tennis Balls (used) 
Bingo (with window cards)  Bozo's Grand Prize Game  Lightweight Derby Balls 
Hula Hoop  Horseshoes (no post) Softball bases/bat/ball 
Three-legged race belts  Lightweight Horseshoes  Blast Base (horn in base) 
Gunny Sacs  Croquet balls/mallets/stakes/hoops  Jump Ropes 
Tug-O-War Rope  Recreation game equipment rental is $15 a day for all of the above items.  

Miscellaneous Items

Portable Stage Platforms 18 units @ 4 ft. x 8 ft. - 9" leg ht. $15 per day per unit
Portable PA System  3 microphones per unit  $35 per day 
Outdoor Movie System (delivery/set-up/tear down) Screen is 30 ft. wide x 20 ft. tall   
Equipment includes blow-up screen, projector and sound system. A projectionist is included in rental. Movie title to be shown can be provided by the user or by the department at a royalty cost thru a national movie vendor.   
  One day (night) rate not including movie  $210 
  Delivery outside of (Clinton, Camanche & Fulton)    $25 
  Movie rate is dependent on title $300 - $500 per showing

For more information or rental call:  563-243-1260