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The Animal Protection and Control Ordinance for the city of Clinton can be found here.

Animal Licenses  (Chapter 91.004)

City of Clinton Ordinance Chapter 91 requires all dogs, cats and ferrets in the city over 4 months old must be licensed. The owner must present a certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian showing the dog, cat, ferret has been vaccinated against rabies. This must be done within 30 days of obtaining you pet. In addition to being a City law, licensing also provides the Animal Control Officer with a means of identification for reuniting lost pets with their owners.

RUNNING AT LARGE.  (Chapter 91.004)

It is unlawful for any person to allow any dog or cat or ferret, regardless of age, to run at large within the city. The fact that a dog or cat or ferret is running at large without the knowledge or permission of the owner of such dog, cat, or ferret is not a defense to any charge of a violation of this section. 

For the purposes of this chapter, AT LARGE means:
  • Off the premises of the owner or person given charge of the animal by the owner, unless:
  • The animal is on a leash, cord, chain or similar restraint not more than ten feet in length and under the control of a person mentally and physically competent to keep the animal under restraint at all times.
  • The animal is within an occupied motor vehicle.
  • The animal is housed within a veterinary clinic, commercial animal establishment or animal shelter.
  • The animal is trained and used by a government agency and accompanied by the appropriate government agency handler.
  • The owner and the animal are participating in a regularly scheduled competitive or exhibition event sanctioned or sponsored by a nationally recognized organization, local chapter thereof, or other generally recognized local organization.
  • The animal is actively engaged in training for hunting or hunting.
  • The animal and the owner are actively engaged in a generally recognized obedience training program or training for a generally recognized kennel club event, provided:

            1.   The animal is in the actual physical presence of the owner or trainer at all times;
            2.   The owner or trainer is at no time more than 50 feet from the animal;
            3.   The animal is immediately obedient to the commands of the owner or trainer; and
            4.   The owner or trainer has, at all times, on his or her person a leash of sufficient strength
                  to restrain the animal.

  • On the premises of the owner or person given charge of the animal by the owner unless the animal is restrained on those premises by leash, cord, chain, operational invisible fence or other similar restraint that does not allow an animal to go beyond the owner's real property line.