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Grass, Weeds, Vines, and Brush.

   All owners of residential property shall maintain their property and the abutting boulevard by cutting or destroying all grasses, weeds, vines and brush when the growth exceeds eight inches in height.


   (A)   For the first violation of this chapter in each calendar year on a parcel of property, the Inspector shall notify the property owner by certified U.S. mail, return receipt requested, that a condition that violates the terms of this chapter exists and shall notify the property owner of the actions that must be performed to correct the condition and the notice shall state that the condition shall be corrected within five days from the date that the notice is received or returned to the city unclaimed.

   (B)   For subsequent violations on the same parcel of property owned by the same person in the same calendar year a written notice will not be sent. For subsequent violations, the Inspector shall verify the violation exists and that the parcel of property is still owned by the same person to whom the first notice was sent. If a subsequent violation exists, the Inspector shall order the work done by city employees or by a contractor.

   (C)   The Public Works Director shall publish in the local newspaper prior to June 1 of each year a notice advising the public that city ordinance requires the cutting of grasses, weeds, vines and brush exceeding eight inches in height and notice of violation will be mailed only once a year for each property. Subsequent violations will not receive a written notice.


   If the property owner objects to the notice of action required under this chapter, the objection shall be filed by the property owner with the Public Works office in writing within five days of the date of the notice. The objection shall be heard by the Inspector without unnecessary delay and the Inspector shall make a decision regarding the notice and shall immediately notify the property owner of the decision in writing. Failure to appeal within the time specified constitutes a waiver of all rights to a hearing.

Dense growth of all weeds, vines, brush, grass, other botanical growth and other similar vegetation in the city which constitute a health, safety or fire hazard or which are obnoxious or unsightly